Do you dream of creating a positive ripple effect, reaching beautiful people like these?

If yes, then we’ll probably get on!
I’m Katalin, hailing from the majestic shores of New Zealand.

Changemakers like you work with me to create digital experiences that connect, ignite and transform.

You understand that we connect with you through a variety of digital touch-points, such as websites, online shops, mobiles and tablets, apps and email.

All of these touch-points are like a gate into your digital world. The way you design the experience of opening and stepping through the door is often seen as an indication for how the entire journey through your online presence is going to unfold.

It’s important to make it remarkable.

Reach out to me to talk about your next digital project. I’ve worked on over 150 digital projects in the past four years and I always bring an effective balance between project management and hands-on implementation skills to the table. Plus, my network includes some of the finest talent in the world.

Or you can brainstorm with me if you’re not sure where to start.

You want your work to have a positive impact?

Then bring that idea to life and see its effects ripple powerfully across the world.

kyla_roma“If you have the chance to work with Katalin, TAKE IT! She’s bright, intuitive, resourceful, solution oriented, and completely dedicated to making each project she takes on shine. As soon we connected, I knew that she was a truly rare find and that I could trust her with our company’s most delicate work.”